In this page I’m going to give you a list of items that I use and find useful for Travel, Camping, Photography or Motorcycling or just around the house.


This I believe is the best card for any airline industry worker who already gets free flights and it has become my favorite card. Its annual $450 fee is rapidly offset by its many perks.
Some of my favorites are:
– Hilton Diamond Status (Yes! Top status!) with all its own perks like free upgrades, free breakfast abroad and room credit ($15/$18 daily depending on location) in the US. Free Lounge Access when present. Lots of bonus points.
$250 Hilton credit for whatever you charge to your room (dinner, parking, etc.)
$250 Airline credit (of your choice: Delta, AA, United, Alaska, check Amex website for details). It’s like getting free drinks for your commutes (or baggage fee, etc.)
Full Priority Pass membership. It gives you access to over 1400 PC airport lounges worldwide and up to 2 guests. In just one year this has saved me an insane amount of money in food and drinks. The best part is that some of these lounges are not airline owned and therefore they don’t care if you show up in uniform or don’t have a boarding pass.
ONE FREE NIGHT every year in any Hilton hotel/resort as long as there’s a standard room available. I used my first night at the Hilton Beach Resort in Nadi, Fiji and I was upgraded to a oceanfront villa and thanks to my Diamond Status I got the best breakfast buffet buffet I’ve ever seen for free. The dinner was also free after using my room credit.
In one year I racked over 450,000+ points, partly thanks to referrals (you can earn a maximum of 140,000 points per calendar year on referrals).

I have a referral link here, you get 150,000 points after spending a certain amount within a time limit (varies so check the website first) and I get 15,000. Win win.

Apply for an American Express Card with this link. With your new Card, you could earn a welcome bonus and your friend could earn a referral bonus. Terms Apply.


I throw this in my carry-on bag whenever I’m flying, it takes little space. It warms up food fairly quickly (30 minutes to an hour), does not require any high power therefore works on most outlets and allows you to have a nice warm meal even in your hotel room. Perfect if you’re health conscious and don’t want to eat junk food away from home or are following a diet and you like to bring your own food with you. A must if you’re a flight attendant or someone who travels a lot.


When I saw this it blew me out of the water. I like making meatballs (meat or vegetarian) to eat at home or take on trips, but it’s time consuming and then I came upon this!


Can you live without coffee? And without espresso? Seriously! Honestly I can’t. This portable coffee maker takes care of the problem. Also great for hiking.

Good coffee everywhere without spending $3-$5 for a cup. Hmmm…

And for those who like regular (american) coffee I got this. It does it all, french press, mug, thermos