Blackmore Lake Hike

Blackmore Lake Hike

Gorgeous day for a hike. The underwood was still wet from the night rain and the woods had a distinct smell of fir and wildflowers. The trail was marked with patches of Indian Paintbrush flowers, Lupine and wild daisies. The occasional squirrel would poke its head from a tree and watched me as I hiked by. The hike to Blackmore Lake was an easy 2 miles each way (uphill one way) from the trailhead at Hyalite Reservoir, which is half hour drive from Bozeman at the end of Hyalite Canyon. This location offers a variety of activities, from fishing, to boating, camping, etc. I rode my motorcycle to the reservoir and the air was a lot cooler in the canyon than in town, making for a very pleasant ride. Blackmore Lake is pretty low right now, but in any case it’s more of a pond than a lake (when I saw it for the first time I though about how Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park, Maine is actually a big lake and not a pond). A little meadow opens up just further up from the lake, and the trail continues to Blackmore Peak, which is another 3 miles ahead. I will explore that in the future as some dark clouds in the early afternoon were calling for rain. There was no heavy traffic on this trail but I did cross a few people, and their dogs. It’s definitely a beautiful and relaxing location, and an easy spot to reach for anyone visiting Bozeman. All pictures taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.



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