A Stroll in Seoul

The moment I stepped out of the airplane I felt like I had just jumped a few years into the future. Incheon International Airport (Seoul’s main airport) is what could be defined as “state of the art” among airports. Not by chance it has been voted best airport in the world for seven consecutive years (although, for its facilities I’d give the title to Singapore International) and nearing its completion, just outside of the main terminal, is the new MagLev train (Magnetic Levitation) which will provide a fast and smooth ride to the city (I find the current train to be pretty fast and smooth already… and clean). Once in the city the subway was very easy to navigate and the place where I was lodging was just 2 stops away plus 2 minutes walk.

After a delicious waffle-based breakfast I started my peregrinaje in the city touching new modern areas and old palaces. I quite enjoyed how the modern and the ancient blend together, nearly seamlessly. This blending is something that I’ve also found in Japan, where people have been able to advance technologically without forgetting their traditions. Needless to say, these architectural differences lend themselves for some nice photographic tasks. I really enjoyed shooting the details of the palaces or the courtyards, and exploring angles that create leading lines. I definitely recommend taking a wide angle lens here.

The food is great, the city is fairly inexpensive and the people are nice. Seoul is a city where I would go back again and again.


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